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Partners > Partner Program Overview

Partner Program Overview

Partner Program Overview


Sybase is committed to working with its channel partners to deliver superior business solutions to end user customers. Whether the partner organization is a Distributor, Reseller, VAR, SI, ISV, OEM or technology partners, you will find a market leading program and benefits to help you succeed as a Sybase partner.

The Sybase Partner Program is the foundation of the relationship between you and Sybase. Sybase is a channel centric organization and we view our channel partners as an extension of our organization, playing a critical role in our go-to-market strategy and activities. Our goal is to offer a partner program that is multi streamed to deliver to our partners the necessary resources and assistance to grow their business around Sybase products and solutions. The Sybase Partner Program has two tiers Gold and Silver; each with minimum entrance criteria per partner type so that our partners can choose to receive the specific range of benefits they need to become a Sybase Trusted Infrastructure partner.

Following the successful application and acceptance into the Sybase Partner Program, they will be eligible to access an array of the benefits on offer and start building your relationship with Sybase.

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Partner Types

Sybase understands that the requirements of partners vary according to their business model. Under the Partner Program, Sybase has introduced a seven part categorization within their Partner Program.

Partner Type Description
Distributor Distributors sell Sybase licenses to Resellers (and VARs in some geographies) in a defined geography.
Reseller Resellers are organizations that sell Sybase licenses—their selling capabilities are their value add.
VAR Value Added Resellers (VARs) create solutions around Sybase products. They will sell the Sybase license to customers as part of their solution. Their solution could involve an application, custom build and/or services for deploying Sybase.
SI System Integrators (SIs) may sell licenses but primarily their business focuses on providing services around Sybase products that could involve a bespoke application, custom build and/or services for deploying Sybase.
ISV Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) create and market software applications that, when made compatible with a Sybase product, expand the market for both the ISV and Sybase. The license is not embedded in the application nor does the ISV sell it. ISV’s range from some of the biggest software companies in the world to small geography specific development companies.
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) embeds a Sybase application into their application which cannot be unbundled and is sold as a complete solution with the Sybase component invisible to the end user.
Technology Partners Technology partners are leading global technology companies, with significant market share within their target market, such as IBM, HP, Cisco, Avaya and Sun Micro Systems. Technology partners provide the hardware platforms, devices, and/or operating systems that Sybase software runs on. Our Technology partners include hardware suppliers and operating systems vendors who do not resell Sybase software.

The program is set up to deliver each partner type a separate set of benefits specifically focused on the partner needs and the Sybase solutions go-to-market strategy for our Trusted Infrastructure solution area.

Partner Program Structure

Sybase understands that the requirements of all partners are not the same and has designed a partner program comprised of tiers that provide partners with rewards and business benefits to partners based on their revenue, training, accreditation achievements and geographic coverage. The Sybase program tiers are:

  • The Silver Partner Program tier provides Sybase channels partners with all the online, tools, training, support and resources with minimal requirements to achieve success with our market leading Trusted Infrastructure Solutions within their chosen country.
  • Our Gold Partner Program tier is for partners who are prepared to take the next step and investment in becoming fully technically certified and/or sales accredited partner with an annual revenue target. Our Gold partner tier provides partners with dedicated CAM, additional rewards and incentives such as access to our lead referral program, deal registration, Channel Marketing Funds and more.

The Sybase Partner Program has a minimum entry level for each program tier. The availability, qualifications, requirements, and benefits of the Sybase Partner Program vary by partner type as indicated below:

Partner Tier Distributor Reseller VAR SI ISV
Silver Program Tier NO YES YES YES YES
Gold Program Tier YES NO YES YES YES

Geographic Coverage

Sybase recognizes that partners can operate beyond the barriers of a single country, and Sybase understands that some partners have or plan to develop successful operations within their target region or globally.

The regional extension to the Gold program has been designed to support these partners not only at individual country, but at regional levels as well, providing additional regional partner management support and rewards.

A small percentage of partners have global representation across three or four of the Sybase defined regions of North America, Europe-Middle East-Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Sybase’s Gold global program is by invitation only, and designed to support and building successful global partnerships.

Only Gold partner tier has program extensions for regional and global geographic coverage. Partners can apply to become Gold regional partners, but Gold Global partner status is by invitation only.

Global and Regional partners must still meet the requirements of each country that they wish to partner with Sybase in, along with additional region/global criteria.

Country Categorization

As not all countries are similar in size or demographic, Sybase has categorized countries into tier one and tier two countries. Consequently, partners need to have coverage in a number of tier one countries to achieve regional and global status; otherwise they remain at a country level.

Tiers Region Countries
Tier One Countries North America USA, Canada
Asia Pacific Australia, Singapore, China, India, Japan, Korea
Tier Two Countries North America
Asia Pacific
All countries not specified above

The table below outlines the geographic coverage requirements for Gold Regional and Global partners.

Partner Tier Distributor VAR SI ISV Reseller
Gold Partner program
Regional YES YES YES YES Not Available
APO Must have Gold Status in 3 countries including Tier 1 country  
NAO Must have Gold status in US and Canada  
Global Not Available YES YES YES Not Available
Across All Regions   Invitation Only - Must have Gold Status in a Tier 1 country in 3 regions  
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