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Product Specific License Terms


The following license programs are subject to certain product-specific terms. These are incorporated by reference into a customer's software license agreements. Each program name listed below links to the applicable product specific license terms. For additional information, please contact your Sybase representative or authorized reseller, or call 800-8SY-BASE.

Adapter for OS/390

Adaptive Server Anywhere

  • Adaptive Server Anywhere Versions 7.x-9.x - The name of this product has been changed to SQL Anywhere.

Adaptive Server Enterprise

Advantage Database Server


  • Afaria - Product Specific License Terms (PDF)

Answers Anywhere

Appeon for PowerBuilder

Avaki EII


Business Process Integrator Suite for Healthcare


Cold Standby Licenses

Communications eBusiness Solutions and Options (CeBS)

Content Server

Data Auditing

Data Integration Suite

DataWindow .NET

Dynamic Archive Application Resource Monitor

Dynamic Archive

e-Biz Impact

eBusiness Adapter Development Kit

EDI Products

Enterprise Adapters and Workbench

Enterprise Application Server (EA Server)

Enterprise Portal eMarketLink

Enterprise Portal

Enterprise Security Option

EnterpriseConnect Data Access Options


ETL Development

Financial Fusion Banking Suite

Financial Fusion Security Solutions

Fujitsu Interstage Business Process Manager

GlobalFix Lite

HIPAA Accelerator

IBM Products

Industry Warehouse Studio


Information Anywhere Mobile IM

  • Mobile IM - Product Specific License Terms (PDF)

Integration Orchestrator

Integration Package


Mach Desktop

MainframeConnect DirectConnect

MainframeConnect Options

Manage Anywhere Studio

M-Business Anywhere


Message Broker


Mirror Activator

Mobile Office

Mobile Office Appliance


  • OmniQ - Product Specific License Terms (PDF)


  • OneBridge - Product Specific License Terms (PDF)

Open Server




Power AMC




Real Time Data Services (RTDS)



Replication Agent

Replication Server


Risk Analytics Platform ("RAP")


Software Developer's Kit (SDK)


SQL Anywhere

SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition

Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform

Sybase Control Center

Sybase Coral8 Engine

Sybase Event Stream Processor

Sybase Liquidity Management Suite

Sybase Managed Mobility

Sybase Mobile Solutions for SAP

Sybase RAP

Sybase Unwired Platform

TradeForce Suite

Transform On Demand (TRON)

Universal OFX

Unwired Accelerator

Unwired Orchestrator

Unwired Server

Unwired Toolkit

Warm Standby

Web Services Integrator


XTNDConnect PC


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