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Why get certified? Assess, Acquire and Achieve...

Education orange_arrow.gif Sybase Certification Exam Information and Notices
Education orange_arrow.gif Certification Learning Paths



Sybase certification exams evaluate your technical skills, acquired through experience and formal training, and provide information to assist you in designing a training path to address any skill gaps. Once you achieve certification, you can feel confident when designing and implementing real-world solutions using Sybase products. As of April 1, 2012, Sybase certification exams have been moved to SAP Certifications. Please visit the SAP Certification website for details about SAP Education's certification programs, benefits and offerings. Read the Sybase Certification Migration FAQ PDF that will give you all the information you need in order to begin your Sybase product certification preparations.

Available Exams and Study Guides:

Education orange_arrow.gif Sybase Unwired Platform 2.1 Developer Associate - PearsonVUE
Education orange_arrow.gif Adaptive Server Administrator Associate Version 15.0  - PearsonVUE
Education orange_arrow.gif Adaptive Server Enterprise SQL Developer Professional Version 15.0 - PearsonVUE
Education orange_arrow.gif Sybase IQ Administrator Professional Version 15.2 - PearsonVUE
Education orange_arrow.gif Replication Server Administrator Professional Version 15.0.1 - PearsonVUE

Education orange_arrow.gif Sybase Employee Information
Education orange_arrow.gif Take our Certification Practice Exams. Enroll and attend courses per the results of your Practice Exam course recommendations.

Sybase Certification Directory will no longer be offered as of April 1, 2012. Download the Final Certification Directory (as of March 26, 2012)



Learning Paths have been clearly defined to help you in developing your skills and achieving professional certification. They list the courses, from Introductory (I) to Expert (E), that will get you on your way. If you already have some experience or have taken some courses, speak with a Sybase Education Representative who can suggest where best to enter the Learning Path in order to optimize your learning experience. Tests are administered at PearsonVUE.

Adaptive Server Enterprise, Sybase IQ and Replication Server:

Education orange_arrow.gif ASE Administrator Associate
Education orange_arrow.gif
ASE Developer Professional
Education orange_arrow.gif
Sybase IQ Administrator Professional
Education orange_arrow.gif Rep Server Administrator Professional



Visit the SAP Certification website for details about SAP Education's certification programs, benefits, support and offerings.  

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